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starswan in ravenclawtower

001: Happy New Year!!! ...and minor theory blurb

Harry New Year!!!

I am certain other folks have made that joke :S

It should be a fantastic year for Harry Potter Madness with the film out in July and the book sometime in Summer/Fall. And both should be chalk full of Ravenclaw. At least with Luna in the fifth film and with what JKR has said about the plot and how Ravenclaw will get their day in Book 7.

If you click on the link, the exact quote is the 15th bullet point.

I have thought about this along with the Book 7 title for a bit and have come to the conclusion that the 'deathly hallows' are not the Horcruxes. My reasoning for this is that JKR has not yet coined a book title that referred to something about which we knew so much at the outset of the novel. You have to read the books to understand the full context behind the Philosopher's Stone, what the Chamber of Secrets is precisely, what the real story is behind the Prisoner of Azkaban, what the Goblet of Fire is for, how the Order of the Phoenix is central to the plot, and who the Half Blood Prince is. HBP saw long drawn out discussions and speculations on the part of Dumbledore and Harry as to the use and location of the Horcruxes. Not to mention that traditionally, 'hallows' are saintly people and or sacred relics. I can see the reasoning behind the Horcruxes=the Hallows idea but I maintain that they are too obvious and too well versed already at the outset of Book 7 and that true to her earlier books the title bears a meaning that will only become clear once we have read the book. That said it could be a double entendre referring to both the Horcruxes as well as the plot clinching thing or people for the final novel. I still veer towards the latter.

I put forth, taking the above into account along with the quote about Ravenclaw that the 'Deathly Hallows' refer to the founders of Hogwarts and that perhaps we are to discover something new about Rowena Ravenclaw in particular that we do not know.

That said, I've put up a banner. May change the layout itself. I liked the banner that I made so much that I kept it along with the user pic. Working on a more spiffy looking profile.

See you soon!