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Quote Ravenclaw Rent

cybeleadam in ravenclawtower

Little fic with Ravenclaw characters

This is the Roger version of a scene that I had first written as part of a long fic in which the point of view was an original character's. I thought it would be more interesting for you this way. This version is unbeta'ed, though, because the girl who was supposed to beta it for me is so busy she ended up telling me she couldn't beta anymore. So I'm sure there are mistakes, and I beg your pardon for that. Just remember English is not my first language.

- - -

The Hogwarts Express has been crossing the countryside for hours, taking all the young wizards and witches back to school like every 1st of September. Those who haven't seen each other since June have tons of stories to tell about their holidays. Those who live in the Muggle world are glad to be allowed to talk freely about magic again, while those who live in the magical world explain to the others that the mass murderer they heard of on TV is actually a wizard called Sirius Black, and that he's the first person to ever succeed in escaping Azkaban.

Roger Davies told that to his Muggle-born classmate Leander Griffin about ten seconds after they greeted each other on platform 9 3/4, then they got on the train and Leander started reading, as usual. That boy is the quietest person Roger has ever met. He has barely talked a couple of times since the train left the station. But Roger has other friends to chat with, so it doesn't matter.

For now, he's talking Quidditch with two of his team mates, Donovan McRay, a 7th year Beater, and the pretty Seeker girl Cho Chang. All three of them are looking forward to playing again, but Roger feels a little uncomfortable to have been made captain when he's not the older.

"I'm no leader – you are," Don says simply, and Cho adds enthusiastically, "You'll be great!"

Roger smiles.

"We'll see... At least I know you two trust me. It's a good start."

They carry on the subject of future new players, wondering how many people will show up at the tryouts and, more importantly, whether any of them will be really good.

The conversation goes on, often drifting away from Quidditch but always turning back to it.

Hogwarts is not very far now. Not far, but not so near either... Why is the train slowing down already? A quick look through the window confirms to Roger that they're still "in the middle of nowhere".

"It's really weird," Cho says, looking rather worried as the train stops completely.

Everyone but Leander, who's still reading and doesn't seem to see the point of bustling about, leave the compartment in search for information. And, suddenly, all the lights go out.

A few people scream, others just light up their wand. Everyone's confused and talks at the same time. Roger reaches for his wand only to find out it's not in his pocket anymore.

He bangs into the door frame while coming back to the compartment and let out a muffled swearword.

"Len, are you still there?" he asks then, groping his way in the general direction of the place where he was sitting before. "Do you know where my wand is? It must have fallen when I got up."

The hand that's searching for the wand accidentally brushes Leander's thigh, making him jump, and Roger hastens to move it away.

"Sorry. I was trying to figure out where exactly my seat was."

Leander says it's okay, although his voice sounds rather strange (was he reading a scary story in which someone can attack you in the dark at anytime?), then he eventually thinks of lighting up his own wand. 

"I should have thought of doing this before," he remarks. 

"Well, after two months in the Muggle world, I suppose..." Roger begins with an amused smile.

But he's interrupted by the irruption of two highly frightened-looking girls – Cho and her friend Marietta Edgecombe.

"What's happening again?" Roger asks Cho in a slightly annoyed tone.

But neither of the girls seems able to speak, and the cause of their fright quickly appears very clear.

A Dementor! Roger can't believe his eyes. What on earth is an Azkaban guard doing on the school train?

He drops in his seat, eyes fixed on the monstrous creature, and puts a reassuring hand on Cho's. The poor girl's shaking, and he can't blame her. Dementors are definitely horrible.

On Roger's other side, Leander moves closer, forgetting his usual reserve. He, too, is obviously very scared. Another boy would probably mock him for acting like a girl, but Roger's too kind to do that, so he simply holds his classmate's hand, just like Cho's. He's always been sort of an older brother to Len, anyway – like a wizard version of his real brother. They're the same age, but Len is so shy and so devoid of social skills... As a perfect example of person who's friend with everyone, Roger has felt since first year he had to help that boy finding his place in their House, their school and possibly even in the wizarding world in general.

The Dementor stays only for a few seconds, simply looking around, but that short time is enough to make the four Ravenclaw students shiver as though the compartment was suddenly turned into a cold room and feel like there's no way for them to be happy ever again.

They all keep quiet and still, like stunned, for a good minute after the monster leaves.

"What was that?" Leander eventually asks in a whisper.

"A Dementor," Roger explains, doing his best to keep his voice firm although he's still in shock as well. "They normally guard Azkaban... I suppose this one was looking for Sirius Black."

"How can they let such horrible creatures in?" Cho manages to say between two sobs, and a second later Roger finds himself holding her, desperately searching for something to say or do that would stop her crying.

In a way, it's nice to have her so close, but it's really embarrassing, too. Lucky that Leander's not one to tell the whole school! And that Marietta is still curled up on her seat, head down and arms folded around her knees.

Roger tentatively touches Cho's shiny black hair in an awkward attempt at comforting her. Or so he tells himself. Maybe it's more that he wants to show her some affection, and to imagine how it would feel if she was in his arms not just because she would be scared, but because she would like him.

Does she like him? Well, of course she does – they're friends. But what if she liked him in another way? The thought makes Roger smile. He would really like that.

The lights come on and the train starts moving again, but he hardly notices. If only they were alone, he could venture a little kiss on Cho's cheek and then, maybe...

Unfortunately, there's Leander looking at them (probably wondering whether they're more than friends or about to be) and anyone could enter at any moment...which would be embarrassing enough in the present situation.

Even more embarrassing than he thought, actually. When the trolley witch enters to advice them to eat something with chocolate in it, it's not the sight of Cho in Roger's arms that makes her stare at them with a puzzled look, but the one of Leander still sitting unnaturally close to his friend and still holding his hand.

At least, that's also funny. And it's so good to feel like laughing again after such a nightmarish moment.

- - - 

Note: I know Roger isn't supposed to ask Cho out before... more or less two years and a half after that. He won't. I'll just have to find good reasons for him not to do while she's not with Cedric yet.


Here are my ideas of questions for the poll. Could "beta" them for me? And don't hesitate to tell me if you think we should add/take off some questions/answers.

* Do you think you belong to Ravenclaw?
- Yes (or at least the sorting tests say so)
- No, I'm a Hufflepuff
- No, I'm a Gryffindor
- No, I'm a Slytherin
- I don't know

* Who's your favourite Ravenclaw character?
- Luna Lovegood
- Cho Chang
- Roger Davies
- Peneloppe Clearwater
- Marietta Edgecombe
- Michael Corner
- Padma Patil
- Rowena Ravenclaw
- Helena Ravenclaw
- someone else (comment to let us know who)

* Do you read and/or write Harry Potter fanfiction?

- Read only
- Write only
- Both
- No

* Have you ever read/written a fic about Ravenclaw characters? If so, who?
- Luna Lovegood
- Cho Chang
- Roger Davies
- Peneloppe Clearwater
- Marietta Edgecombe
- Michael Corner
- Padma Patil
- Rowena Ravenclaw
- Helena Ravenclaw
- another canon character (comment to let us know who)
- original character(s)

* If you're a Ravenclaw, which of the three other Houses would you call your second House?
- Gryffindor
- Slytherin
- Hufflepuff
- Ravenclaw is my "second House"
- I'm not a Ravenclaw at all

* Do you have friends that are sorted / that you would sort into Ravenclaw?
- On LJ
- In "real life"
- Both
- No

* Do you own any kind of Ravenclaw item?
- Key-ring
- Scarf
- Pen
- Tie
- Shirt
- Other
- No, but I own other Harry Potter items
- No, and I don't own any other harry Potter items either

* Lots of people hate Cho... Do you?
- Yes, I really hate her
- I don't hate her...but I don't like her much
- No, I like her
- No! I love her!

* Lots of people love Luna... Do you?
- Yes, she's one of my favourite characters
- I like her, but I wouldn't say I love her
- I don't dislike her, nothing more
- I don't like her at all

* What is, in your opinion, the best House to combine with Ravenclaw?
- Gryffindor (Hermione proves that cleverness added to bravery is great)
- Slytherin (cleverness with ambition can only lead to success)
- Hufflepuff (the quiestest kind of people)

Additional questions:

* What's Ravenclawish in you?

* And what's not?

* What do you think of the way Ravenclaw students access their common room?
I like most of them! I was wondering...about the last one...rather than the combo bit, you could list some traits and have folks choose which they feel best represent the house (Ravenclaw) and/or which they feel are merely surface traits. Or perhaps that is complicated/confusing. :/
Perhaps place something like that under 'additional questions'. I am really curious to see what peoples' responses are since it is considered to be a more enigmatic (certainly in a cliché way at least) house.

I will think of something else as well and reply again.
I had tried to list some traits, but it's rather hard. Placing it under "additionnal questions" would be much easier and could lead to interesting answers, so yes, let's do that.

Waiting for your next reply, then. ^^