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12 Tardis Trees

starswan in ravenclawtower


I see more people have joined this (regrettably) quiet little comm!


I am working on something, a snippet of writing and I hope to post it soon though it will not be terribly long, more of a drabble.

Feel free to post things!!
The book as well as the fifth film draw nearer.

Art, icons et al are also welcome.
I am trying to do what I can being a mod, though I admit I am applying for Law School and feeling anxious about it.

Cheers :)


Thanks for the welcoming message. ^_^

I'll gladly read your drabble. I don't know what it's about, but since it's related to Ravenclaw, it must be interesting. ^^

I can't wait to see the fifth film (although I'm really not looking forward to seeing the scene in which Sirius dies ;_;). For the seventh book, I'll have to wait until November, when it's realeased in French (I could read it in English, of course, but I'm used to read the French version first, then the original version when it's available in paperback) so please, when you finally read it, don't forget the spoiler warnings at the top of your posts or comments, okay? ^^

Hope other people will join. This community deserve to have much more members.
It does it does!

I'd gladly read anyone's drabbles. I should probably post some of my own Ravenclaw fiction arcs sometime soon. You should both get some up.
I really don't mind that we are so few now (at least, it's not "scary" like arriving in a big community where a lot of people have known each other for months or even years and barely pay attention to newcomers), but it definitely would be nice if other people joined us to post fics or art and make "conversations" more animated.

I suppose I could rewrite a few parts of my WIP to make them Roger Davies' point of view instead of my main original character's (who's a Ravenclaw too, but...well, writing original characters is much more interesting than reading stories about them, isn't it?)... Not sure it would be very interesting, though. Except for scenes I haven't written yet, maybe. So it might take a long time, but I think I could have something to post here someday. Meanwhile, I'll read your fics. ^^
I have roger daviesish thingy but it's in pieces and I don't like how it is sounding. :/

You should post yours!
I am hoping to post mine sometime this week if it will behave.