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12 Tardis Trees

starswan in ravenclawtower

003: Responses to a theory, Ravenclaw relics, random thought

I probably will not make posting every single day a permanent occurence, but for now I should have something to offer wouldbe members on the off chance that I manage to effectively pimp this place or to attract interested and particularly loquacious folks. XD;

Or else I could just continue talking to myself, which, would not be a deviation from the norm for me!
(yes those commas were necessary)

In any case, I read an essay online, Of Basins and Lockets, Dumbledore and Snape. I was drawn by the title though I found the essay, while initially intriguing a bit convoluted. Considering that the person who wrote it gave it a great deal of thought and analysed minutely the various turns of phrase, facial expressions, and plot bits in HBP, I was surprised that they did not make mention of the fact that Dumbledore appears in every respect to have never ventured past the main grotto before! The essay supposes that the green liquid contained within the basin of the cave (on the island guarded by Inferi) is the Horcrux itself (an interesting theory actually) and that it is also a relic of Ravenclaw. The latter bit is where they began to lose me. I was made further skeptical by the notion that Dumbledore had been in the inner recesses of the cave before (despite his appearing to puzzle out a way to access the invisible arch/entryway and then making a comment of disapproval at Riddle's blood requirement). I seriously doubt that Dumbledore would make a show of things rather than simply tell Harry that he had gone that far before. He would have no reason to conceal it. Harry would have gone with him no matter what. He is fiercely loyal to DD, even now.

The essay goes on to suggest that Regulus Black was not a gifted enough wizard to penetrate the cave and all of its complicated riddles and supports this claim with a overly elaborate ruse on the part of Dumbledore that would entail switching the lockets himself. I can believe that Regulus was able to find entrance into the cave and to reach the island. He must have had experience with Inferi and with the Dark Arts, though I am puzzled as to how either he or Dumbledore could have removed the liquid in that basin more than once. Why is it that DD drank it? He riddled it out , sure, but was his sacrifice and endurance necessary? I suppose the Inferi would have attacked had he simply filled the goblet and emptied the liquid over his shoulder.
RAB was good enough for Horace Slughorn's Slug club and he seemed more interested in talent than family relations so I believe that Regulus was underestimated by Sirius. I really like Sirius but I see in him the same propensity as in Harry for either being creepily on the mark or a poor judge of character.

Well whatever the reasoning there, I do not see why either logically or fancifully the liquid would have been especially significant to Rowena Ravenclaw.

The main point of the essay was to prove Snape's innocence and loyalty to Dumbledore by showing that Albus' actions were very much planned. It did it, albeit in circuitous fashion. The liquid is definately odd in that it seemed to be filled with the experiences of someone else, perhaps a past occurence. With this I agree. The writer suggested that it was Riddle's own human feelings/guilt/ a piece of himself he wished to be rid of.

That is a brilliant observation and one I have not yet heard. Well, Horcrux or not, I still do not see it being linked to Ravenclaw. That's a crack theory, that is. And now that I think about it some more it could not have been a Horcrux either. A Horcrux appears to be bound within a solid object with physical limitations (rings, goblets, books, lockets, and the like). After RAB drank it, the liquid must have replenished itself around the fake locket for DD to drink later. It was a very complex potion that held some prior person's memories and that also magically refilled. Hmmm. If that is so, it seems unlikely that something so ephemeral could be a piece of a single person's soul. It's too mutable. Now I am starting to believe that those feelings/experiences belonged to the prior drinker: RAB. That they were transferred to the refilled liquid ..something like Priori Incantatem only pertaining not to spells but traces of memory/experience that can cling to a potion the way that a spell leaves a residue on the wand that casted it. It would fit seeing as he was, if it is indeed Regulus A Black, a repentant Death Eater. The remarks of guilt and whatnot would make sense! YAY!

(another) Random Thought for the Day

So far as we know, The Marauders were the only ones to have made a map of the castle that showed the grounds, floors and secret passageways complete with folks wandering its innards. We also learn that it was imperfect because The Room of Requirement did not appear on it. As Rowena is said to have designed the floor plan for Hogwarts, I expect that she might have made a map of it. It would of course not be like any Muggle-made map as the castle itself is not like any Muggle structure and would therefore account for any fluctuations such as the RoR changing form or staircases and other rooms resituating themselves. We only hear about Fred n George and Dumbledore knowing of its existence. Surely Rowena or one of the Founders created the Room of Requirement.
I think it is a safe bet though that Ravenclaw did not know of The Chamber of Secrets' location though hmmm, what if she did? That's another thought though!

I suppose the point of all this is this: Is Rowena Ravenclaw's Map of Hogwarts still at large?
Could Tom Riddle have ever found it or any such map? My intuition tells me 'No'. Else I would think he could have snuck in with the DEs a long time ago. It seems the Mauraders/Weasley Twins and Dumbledore were some of the few who knew of the various hidden passages.
And I think that in Book 3, Snape was legilemensing/brain reading the One-Eyed Witch Passage from Harry when he interrogated him and then is described as examining the OEW statue...

I think that is enough rambling for now!