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Random ficlet

Aw, our poor sleeping community! But I cannot let it get to be a whole year since our last contribution so here is a snippet I wrote awhile back. I was inspired last year by cybeleadam 's posts and Claw student background histories to finish some things. It is short though.

This is Roger's super fictional, purely speculative (based on a couple of super!brief instances) view of Fleur and what he thought about her.

**And Roger is two years ahead of Harry according to the book so his final year would have been during OotP and at that time he had asked out and been turned down by Cho and was dating someone else. Of course I had to psychoanalyse why he is such a player. Not sure that I like the title particularly...

Wax Paper Flower

It's early in the day, the start of it in fact, and shockingly early for him. He's taken to sitting by himself by a window in Ravenclaw Tower when the first rays are striking the pane before everyone else in their corner of the castle has stirred enough mentally to make it to the common room. Theirs has a fireplace as do the others to keep out the chill along with hangings and decor displaying the house colours, comfortable chairs, and quiet nooks for studying.

He is still wearing pyjamas as it is Saturday and there is no Quidditch. Mind you they are very smart pyjamas as he would feel too undressed and shabby to appear in semi-public in them otherwise. And on his lap is a book entitled Flowers of the Highlands along with a scrunched up magazine with a full colour ad on the latest broomsticks....featuring a bonus analysis on which woods suit which types of rider/flyer, density, speed et al. He got so far in his curiosity over the matter and then had to stifle a yawn. It is still too early for this level of scrutiny. He did find the patterns of the different woods entrancing though.

But that is mere distraction. It's the flowers that get him up early even on week days before classes. He likes to read about them and then on breaks when he hasn't got class...likes to go exploring a bit, searching for different varieties.

He asked her once why her parents decided to name her 'Fleur'. Tried to impress her by demonstrating that he knew French.

"Did you know that your name, it means 'Flower of the Court'?"

But all it illicited was an incredulous smirk and a turn of the head as she continued along her way down the corridor to the Great Hall. He was convinced that the feeling those eyes evoked in the pit of his stomach had nothing to do at all with some supernatural hold she seemed to have on nearly every boy at the school (and even a few girls) who crossed her path. No, his mind was more resilient and independent than that, he figured. She was , of course, scintillatingly pretty but something else made her very very special and he was determined to find out what it was.

In the end, he figured that she chose him as her date to the Yule Ball simply because he did not take her first two silent rejections too harshly and was not only not seemingly afraid of her but persisted with new and what he hoped were clever ways to arouse her attention and interest.

He was oddly unaware at times of his own powers of attraction as well as being rather easy on the eyes himself.

After the dance they still spent time together. His preliminary rant on the meaning of her name had steadily led to him finding random books in French on flowers and gifting them to her. They even took strolls together across the grounds during which she was a bit more talkative...although....mostly she used her lips for other things.

He found her so far above average and so sharp though what he liked most about her was her naturalness and the fact that they spent very little time actually talking. For awhile after Winter break, he feared that their silent 'dates' would wear on her...she'd find him less exciting and appealing for all his desire to merely spend time in her presence in virtual silence...but as the weeks wore on..he was thrilled that she , rather than seeming to tire of him, was all too happy to continue with their...whatever it was.

The Triwizard Tournement kept her very busy as the year progressed and the unfortunate conclusion left her even more prosaic than was normal.

He tried to console her....be there for her. She was more talkative then...more defensive ...building walls and complaining again about the 'ze food at 'ogwarts' and less prone to going on their little outings. He poured what energy he had after studies to making her feel better...forestalling thinking about the inevitable..when she would get back on her winged carriage for good and leave him like a real Princess in a sad fairytale.

He supposed he had been living in his own idealized version of reality for awhile now. ...hoping that she could somehow stay.

He remembers keenly the day she left. Her and her entourage of fellow students left in their pale blue robes exchanging words of parting and addresses with the various friends they had made at Hogwarts that year.

They did not say a word to one another in parting however. She merely kissed him on one cheek lingeringly and squeezed his hands with her own, regarded him for a second with half of a smile and left him standing staring after her slight blue form. He did not walk after her.

Once he had recovered from the shock of seeing her carriage get smaller and smaller in the sky until it had vanished completely, he unfolded one of the numbed hands she had squeezed as she kissed him to reveal a tiny, pale blue gold lined scrap of paper. Within was her full name and address.

'Fleur Isabelle Delacour'

He turns a page in Flowers of the Highlands and places the scrap of paper in the middle before shutting it. He has never written to her. Nor does he think that he ever will.

This year is his last at Hogwarts... Since then he has dated a few people for brief periods of time...usually the prettiest girls in his year or around it....girls everyone else is mad to date. He hopes that perhaps one of the astonishingly pretty girls he dates winds up like her. But none of them do.


I'm honored that you were inspired by my posts. It's a very nice little story. Plus, I'm totally in the mood for a fic about Roger these days because I play him in a French RPG. (I'm not supposed to reveal my identity, but since you're not another player or even a reader of that community, it doesn't really matter.)

It's rather sad (not that it's always a bad thing), but at least that "Did you know that your name, it means 'Flower of the Court'?" made me laugh. As if a French girl could not know what her French name means! lol Fleur really makes all boys say stupid things, even when they're supposed to be smart Ravenclaws.

I saw you have friended me, so I friended you back. Welcome to my friends list! ^^
It's rather sad (not that it's always a bad thing), but at least that "Did you know that your name, it means 'Flower of the Court'?" made me laugh. As if a French girl could not know what her French name means! lol Fleur really makes all boys say stupid things, even when they're supposed to be smart Ravenclaws.

Hahaha, yes! Precisely...XD.
I often wonder how the Fleur and Bill dynamic works. Perhaps when she is close to someone her magical prettiness is toned down a bit..sort of like how when you really get to know someone, you see the person underneath that others do not. :)

I am happy that you liked it!
I love imagining the lives of random Ravenclaws that we hear little about.
I was rereading your Leander stuff the other day. I always feel busy but I am going to try to post more here...

Rpging is quite fun! Are you affiliated with one of those sorting comms?

Thank you for adding me!
I often wonder how the Fleur and Bill dynamic works. Perhaps when she is close to someone her magical prettiness is toned down a bit..sort of like how when you really get to know someone, you see the person underneath that others do not. :)
I suppose it's something like that, according to what Ron tells Harry in book 6 (Harry: "Don't you get used to her if she's staying in the same house?" / Ron: "Well, you do, but if she jumps out at you unexpectantly, like then...").

I should post more here too. I have other little stories written for my Quidditch community (not really all mine - I'm just part of the admin staff), but it surely would be better if I took time to translate them (even though you can read French, this is a not a French community, so it doesn't feel right to post in French).

Speaking of Leander... I finished the long fic about his 5th year (it has 35 chapters) but hardly progressed in the beta'ing and rewriting process. I hate rewriting and my beta always tells me I should change this or that - it makes me wish I had written in French, so I could do without a beta.

The RPG is a French one, and I don't think we have sorting comms in French. It's an unusual kind of RPG, that mainly consists in writing letters (although we know have a second community to play actual conversations when our characters agree on meeting somewhere instead of keeping on sending owls to each other), and "Muggles" (meaning LJ users) can also write to the characters, asking questions. It's fun. (It's papotus_sempra, if you want to have a look.)

I was glad to add you. It's always nice to make new friends. ^^
Oh! The header on that comm is so spiffy! I was perusing it. I do not know when I will work up the nerve to comment and ask questions but what a neat place. I am thoroughly enjoying reading it. Want to check it out some more when I have a bit of spare time this weekend.

I wholly and completely urge you to post your Leander fic here ;P.
I'd be happy to comment and offer up whatever suggestions are warranted. I've beta'ed friends' fics before. And of course I am uber curious to read more. :D

It is. I have not made any new friends on LJ in awhile. ^O^
It must be hard to understand the plots. There's a place called "Courrier des lecteurs" where you can ask someone to explain you what happened before when something you read doesn't seem to make sense. Or you can just ask me. I play Roger Davies and Gabrielle Delacour but I'm not supposed to tell people who read the community so...maybe you could screen these comments?

Posting the Leander fic here? Well, I suppose I could post each chapter as it is after my beta corrected the grammar mistakes and ask for your advice about the things she said I should change. Some things I really don't care if they're not perfect but I can't have her correct another chapter if I don't fix the problems she pointed out in the previous one so I'm stuck for weeks everytime.
Also, I had no idea of title but I finally thought of one recently. Would "A Ravenclaw's Undiary" be a grammatically correct and acceptable title? ("Undiary" like "Unbirthday" in "Alice in Wonderland", and because Leander doesn't want to call his notebook a diary.)

Even though I had made other new friends on LJ recently, it's still very nice to add you too. Especially because I already knew you a little thanks to this community.
Thank you for the link. I am home today from work (J'avais mal aux dents ;_;) so I have a bit of free time.

Post post post! I would love to read more Leander.
The Undiary idea would work well and it is perfectly acceptable linguistically. :D

Yes. I thought of adding you earlier but I was a bit scarce on here with all sorts of life junk and felt always busy. It's nice to chat with you about Ravenclaw and French things!
What do you think of our RP so far? Playing in it is so much fun! I love it.

It occured to me that I hadn't posted chapter 9 yet although it had been beta'd (not entirely beta-approved, but I don't care - it's my story, she can't forced me to cut the things she doesn't like). So you can read it now.

Feel free to start a "conversation" about French or Ravenclaw whenever you want. I'll always reply gladly.