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Jun. 25th, 2009

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"A Ravenclaw's Undiary" (9/35, with links to previous parts)

By starswan 's request, I post my "Undiary" fic here.

Title: A Ravenclaw's Undiary
Author: cybeleadam
Characters: OCs, Roger Davies, Remus Lupin, lots of others as "guest stars"
Rating: PG-13 / T (maybe R / M for a few insults)

Disclaimer: The magical world belongs to J.K. Rowling. I only borrow it (and add my own characters). For fun, not money.

It's about Ravenclaws...except that they make friends in other Houses.
It's about friendship...except that love can't be ignored.
It's about original characters...except that canon characters there too.
It's about students...except that Remus Lupin is important.
It's set during book 3...except that there are flashbacks.
And it's slashy...except that het ships are not absent either.
In short it's a totally character-driven story.

Previous parts: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Note: This chapter has been beta'ed but I changed a few details since then so, if you find grammar mistakes and/or unclear sentences, blame it on the fact that English is not my first language - it's obviously not my beta's fault if I always change things at the last moment.

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Jun. 14th, 2009

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Random ficlet

Aw, our poor sleeping community! But I cannot let it get to be a whole year since our last contribution so here is a snippet I wrote awhile back. I was inspired last year by cybeleadam 's posts and Claw student background histories to finish some things. It is short though.

This is Roger's super fictional, purely speculative (based on a couple of super!brief instances) view of Fleur and what he thought about her.

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Jul. 24th, 2008

Ravenclaw glitter


Little fic written for a French community

Titre: C comme Capitaine
Auteur: Cybèle Adam (cybeleadam)
Personnage principal: Roger Davies
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Evidemment, les personnages ne sont pas à moi (enfin, à part certains) et le monde magique non plus. Tout cela est à J.K. Rowling. Je ne fais que l'emprunter, et je ne gagne pas un centime avec.

Notes: J'ai écrit cette fic pour le "championnat" de la communauté dieux_du_stade. C'était la première fois que j'écrivais une fic "sur commande" (c'est-à-dire avec un thème donné – ici "le choix du Capitaine")... J'ai repris des personnages originaux imaginés pour la fic que je publie sur le journal leander_griffin, mais il est tout à fait inutile de les connaître déjà pour suivre ici.
Oh, et je sais que vous allez le remarquer alors oui, j'ai changé l'orthographe du nom de Tracey Davis pour qu'elle puisse être la soeur de Roger. Enfin, plus exactement, le prénom "Tracy" est le premier à m'être venu à l'esprit parce que j'avais évidemment déjà vu "Trac(e)y Davi(e)s" écrit quelque part, et puis j'ai vu cet article du Harry Potter Lexicon et je me suis dit que bon, puisque quelqu'un d'autre y avait pensé, je pouvais bien reprendre l'idée. Après tout, il y a réellement eu des changements dans cette liste. Pour ce qu'on en sait, J.K. Rowling aurait très bien pu changer "Davis" en "Davies" pour que ce Roger-ci ne soit pas un homonyme parfait de celui de Rent (que j'aime beaucoup, d'ailleurs – ça doit être en partie pour ça que j'ai toujours aimé celui-ci aussi, même s'ils n'ont que le nom en commun lol).

C comme CapitaineCollapse )

Voilà, j'espère que c'est suffisamment compréhensible pour les non-francophones...

Jan. 21st, 2008

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Little fic with Ravenclaw characters

This is the Roger version of a scene that I had first written as part of a long fic in which the point of view was an original character's. I thought it would be more interesting for you this way. This version is unbeta'ed, though, because the girl who was supposed to beta it for me is so busy she ended up telling me she couldn't beta anymore. So I'm sure there are mistakes, and I beg your pardon for that. Just remember English is not my first language.

Note: I know Roger isn't supposed to ask Cho out before... more or less two years and a half after that. He won't. I'll just have to find good reasons for him not to do while she's not with Cedric yet.

Jun. 9th, 2007

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I see more people have joined this (regrettably) quiet little comm!


I am working on something, a snippet of writing and I hope to post it soon though it will not be terribly long, more of a drabble.

Feel free to post things!!
The book as well as the fifth film draw nearer.

Art, icons et al are also welcome.
I am trying to do what I can being a mod, though I admit I am applying for Law School and feeling anxious about it.

Cheers :)

Mar. 4th, 2007

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006: Random Predictions, only not

Having a new router and a reliable internet connection via my own computer means more posting from me!

I have not been keeping up with the Potterverse for the past couple of weeks and the stuff below is not at all serious. My crack theories for Book 7.

Reveal your secretsCollapse )

Please feel free to add your own, serious or no.

And any suggestions for something we could do to liven this place up are always welcome.

_houdinilogic_ mentioned a Ravenclaw fic series which sounds intriguing. :)

Jan. 11th, 2007

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004: Interesting tidbit

I suppose sometime soon I should get off my derriere (figuratively speaking cause this cushion is comfy and it's freezing out there and I am not going anywhere else today!) and promote the comm. That is, if I want anyone else to read/join.

I recently discovered Pottercasts on The Leaky Cauldron and they satisfy a need I have had to listen to/read other crack theories about Book 7. I used to be subscribed to Mugglecast , but I did not like their format. They were all over the place at times. :/ Pottercast #69 even featured a phone-in from Evanna Lynch who plays Luna Lovegood in the upcoming film!! So...if you ever visit that site, without subscribing necessarily, you can follow the link for that episode and dl it for free. It is very much worth it!

In the most recent PC, they mentioned one of the relics of the Founders being a wand, possibly. Thus far there is a sword of Godric Gryffindor, a cup of Helga Hufflepuff (mentioned in Book 6), Slytherin's locket (also mentioned in B6, but as yet no relic belonging to Rowena Ravenclaw, that we know of. It has been suggested that there is a tiara floating around that could be linked with Ravenclaw.

So in accordance with a train of thought centering around the suits of the Tarot (wands, cups, pentacles, and swords), someone thought that a wand might be a logical progression. I do not associate lockets either with pentacles or with 'earth' so I think that that logic is already broken. Rowena Ravenclaw's wand??

Then this brought to my mind another thought: What happens to a wizard's wand after they die? Neville used his father's wand for awhile but it was snapped in two during their jaunt to the Ministry of Magic. His father and mother are not deceased though they reside, presumably irretrievably, at St. Mungo's...having lost their minds when Bellatrix cruio'ed them for information. :(

After Luna's mum died (she mentions in Book 5 that she was a great witch who liked to experiment and that she died as the result of an unfortunate accident) what happened to her wand?

Jan. 3rd, 2007

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003: Responses to a theory, Ravenclaw relics, random thought

I probably will not make posting every single day a permanent occurence, but for now I should have something to offer wouldbe members on the off chance that I manage to effectively pimp this place or to attract interested and particularly loquacious folks. XD;

Or else I could just continue talking to myself, which, would not be a deviation from the norm for me!
(yes those commas were necessary)

In any case, I read an essay online, Of Basins and Lockets, Dumbledore and Snape. ...and thenCollapse )

(another) Random Thought for the Day

So far as we know, The Marauders were the only ones to have made a map of the castle that showed the grounds, floors and secret passageways complete with folks wandering its innards. We also learn that it was imperfect because The Room of Requirement did not appear on it. As Rowena is said to have designed the floor plan for Hogwarts, I expect that she might have made a map of it. It would of course not be like any Muggle-made map as the castle itself is not like any Muggle structure and would therefore account for any fluctuations such as the RoR changing form or staircases and other rooms resituating themselves. We only hear about Fred n George and Dumbledore knowing of its existence. Surely Rowena or one of the Founders created the Room of Requirement.
I think it is a safe bet though that Ravenclaw did not know of The Chamber of Secrets' location though hmmm, what if she did? That's another thought though!

I suppose the point of all this is this: Is Rowena Ravenclaw's Map of Hogwarts still at large?
Could Tom Riddle have ever found it or any such map? My intuition tells me 'No'. Else I would think he could have snuck in with the DEs a long time ago. It seems the Mauraders/Weasley Twins and Dumbledore were some of the few who knew of the various hidden passages.
And I think that in Book 3, Snape was legilemensing/brain reading the One-Eyed Witch Passage from Harry when he interrogated him and then is described as examining the OEW statue...

I think that is enough rambling for now!

Jan. 2nd, 2007

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002: Strange icons

I became a temporary slave to Photoshop and decided to make some unusual Ravenclaw icons. Cut and paste and 'saturation' are my special friends.


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Jan. 1st, 2007

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001: Happy New Year!!! ...and minor theory blurb

Harry New Year!!!

I am certain other folks have made that joke :S

It should be a fantastic year for Harry Potter Madness with the film out in July and the book sometime in Summer/Fall. And both should be chalk full of Ravenclaw. At least with Luna in the fifth film and with what JKR has said about the plot and how Ravenclaw will get their day in Book 7.

If you click on the link, the exact quote is the 15th bullet point.

I have thought about this along with the Book 7 title for a bit and have come to the conclusion that the 'deathly hallows' are not the Horcruxes. My reasoning for this is that JKR has not yet coined a book title that referred to something about which we knew so much at the outset of the novel. You have to read the books to understand the full context behind the Philosopher's Stone, what the Chamber of Secrets is precisely, what the real story is behind the Prisoner of Azkaban, what the Goblet of Fire is for, how the Order of the Phoenix is central to the plot, and who the Half Blood Prince is. HBP saw long drawn out discussions and speculations on the part of Dumbledore and Harry as to the use and location of the Horcruxes. Not to mention that traditionally, 'hallows' are saintly people and or sacred relics. I can see the reasoning behind the Horcruxes=the Hallows idea but I maintain that they are too obvious and too well versed already at the outset of Book 7 and that true to her earlier books the title bears a meaning that will only become clear once we have read the book. That said it could be a double entendre referring to both the Horcruxes as well as the plot clinching thing or people for the final novel. I still veer towards the latter.

I put forth, taking the above into account along with the quote about Ravenclaw that the 'Deathly Hallows' refer to the founders of Hogwarts and that perhaps we are to discover something new about Rowena Ravenclaw in particular that we do not know.

That said, I've put up a banner. May change the layout itself. I liked the banner that I made so much that I kept it along with the user pic. Working on a more spiffy looking profile.

See you soon!

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